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What have I done now? 
Lost again somehow 
I'm getting better and better 
At making things worse 

With so much pressure I can't take it 
Somehow I must learn to fake it 
I no longer feel a thing 
Not even the dirt 

'Cause I'm buried alive 
Just waiting for the tide 

I'm buried alone 
I'm buried alive 
I should have known 
I should have tried 
Here lies the one 
Who couldn't survive 
Buried alone, buried alive 
So goodnight 

Who have I hurt now? 
Lost my head somehow 
I'm getting worse and worse 
At making things better 

Hey, I hope you never forget 
To bury your regret 
Before it buries you 
(It'll bury you) 

At first I was barely alive 
Now I'm buried alive